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Alien Creeps TD

During my time at Outplay Entertainment I worked on the action defence game Alien Creeps TD. It is a 3D pre-rendered game for Android and IOS packed with amazing graphics, colourful characters and rich environments. My roles and responsibilities on this project have included: conceptualisation of environments and props; modelling environments and props, UV mapping and texturing, creating elements of UI (3D icons), rigging characters and creating animation and working closely with technical engineers on its implementation. Here you can find modelling and texturing examples.

  • Jakubowska_actd_01

  • Jakubowska_actd_02

  • Jakubowska_actd_03

  • Jakubowska_alien_creeps_01

  • Jakubowska_alien_creeps_02

  • Jakubowska_alien_creeps_03

  • Jakubowska_alien_creeps_04

  • Jakubowska_alien_creeps_05

  • Jakubowska_alien_creeps_06

  • Jakubowska_alien_creeps_07

  • Jakubowska_alien_creeps_08